Robot Pool Cleaners

The best of the bunch by farRobot pool cleaner

These cleaners are self contained and do not rely on an outside pump in order to function.

Instead, they are powered by a low-voltage supply produced by a transformer that comes as a part of the package. This type of cleaner has a waterproof cable attached to it - make sure the cable will be long enough to allow full coverage of your pool.

Robot pool cleaners do an excellent job of cleaning and it's just as well that they do as they are the most expensive type of cleaner.

At the lower end of the market the various models wander about at random in the same way that suction-side and pressure-side cleaners do but some of the more expensive models have an on-board computer that 'learns' the pool shape and sets about cleaning it all in a very thorough manner.

Dolphin pool cleaner Some other models have on-board rechargeable batteries, thus doing away with the cable and allowing the cleaner to be used in a pool with, say, an 'island' bar without the fear of a cable becoming tangled.

Other models have a floating antenna for radio-control so that the cleaner can be steered into specific areas of the pool.

Robot cleaners have their own on-board motor and filters.  Usually the filter is a mesh bag that catches leaves, insects and other particles down to about 40 microns. Any particles smaller than that are placed in suspension in the pool - where there is a fighting chance that the regular circulation/filtration system will eventually grab them.

Some models are better than others at climbing the walls and scrubbing the waterline.  Very often the manufacturers have a different set of brushes for each type of pool surface (e.g. tiles, cement. fibreglass, vinyl liner) and the purchaser must ensure that their cleaner will perform well in their particular pool.


Wall scrubber pool cleaner

Advantages of Robot Pool Cleaners

  • Do not rely on the circulation pump and can therefore be used at any time
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Probably the best investment when compared to other types of cleaners  

Disadvantages of Robot Pool Cleaners

  • Do not remove the tiny particles - they are left to the filter to capture
  • Have mesh bag-filters that need to be emptied and hosed off regularly
  • Are the most expensive type of cleaner

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