Pool School

What is it? Why do I need it? What do I get?

Learn how to clean and maintain your own pool to a Professional Standard and save money while enjoying crystal clear water at all times.

Swimming pool systems, hardware and tools, whilst simple in principle and in use, are easily damaged or destroyed by incorrect operation.

Incorrect application of pool chemicals can result in poor water quality and serious health issues - poor storage conditions and practices are extremely hazardous.

Incorrect operation of a pool can be extremely costly to your health and your pocket.



This a video explaining how to use a test-kit.

Pool Testing

Some of the Benefits of PoolSchool:

  • You will save money on pool-cleaning charges.
  • There will be no more algae, lime-scale, murky water, ear infections or stinging eyes.
  • There will be no more being let down by your pool-cleaner the week before a big pool-party.
  • You won't have to trust a stranger with the keys to your dream home.
  • There will be no more green hair! (But if it ever should happen, you'll know how to rectify it).
  • Your chemical bills will be much reduced, producing further savings
  • Your pool will be in perfect condition at all times - clean, shiny and sanitary - safe for the whole family.
  • The whole family can learn at the same time - even the gardener - at no extra cost.
  • Step-by-step cleaning instructions specific to your pool.
  • PoolSchool includes the 100-page PoolSchool Pool Maintenance Book.

Thus you will save money and enjoy longer-life pool water, a clean sanitised pool with much healthier, lower chemical levels.

PoolSchool Introduction

Pool SchoolWhen you think about it, keeping fifty tons or more of exposed-to-the-elements water in crystal clear condition is no easy task. Your pool is constantly under assault from algae and fungi spores, garden debris, rain, sun, wildlife, pets, building/quarry/road dust and a host of other pollutants.

That's before any humans get into the water and add their share of sun-oils, hair, dead skin, body fats and urine - (yes, I'm afraid people still do!), never mind the Labrador and the ducks!

When pools go bad they can turn very quickly. After a summer storm your pool can become a murky, green swamp overnight. Not a pretty sight in the morning and an expensive mess to clear up.

The pool-owner is left to clean the mess up, or leave it to his pool cleaner and, at the end of it all, pay the bill.

Or they could take the PoolSchool Course and learn how to prevent a pool from going bad - and clean/maintain any pool to professional standards.

Take the PoolSchool and learn how to get results like this:

Acid Wash Acid Wash
Day One Day Two

We offer Instruction at Home in two phases:

Phase 1 - Instruction

pool school

Pool School Testing A friendly, patient instructor will teach you all aspects of how to maintain your own pool and installation including how to:



  • Clean your pool and the filters to professional standards,
  • Use and store chemicals safely to prevent chemical accidents and fires,
  • Test your pool water, interpret the results and act on them,
  • Calculate exact measures of chemicals to balance the water in your pool,
  • Use pool chemicals efficiently, safely and economically, to ensure safe but effective levels,
  • Maintain pool tools, pool surfaces and hardware,
  • Maintain water temperatures into late autumn, giving a longer swim season,
  • Prepare your pool for winter
  • Open your pool in Spring
  • Basic pool safety – pool rules & safety equipment.

We label each of your switches & valves, supply quality pool tools, chemicals & pool hardware, as required, and teach you to how to start-up your pool if it is not currently in use.

Phase 2 - Practice & Support

pool school

Pool School Book. Having taught you all of the above - we leave you to practice with our unique PoolSchool Book* containing: 


  • 100 pages of invaluable information for pool owners
  • Precise instructions for changing the contents of the sand-filter
  • Precise instructions for carrying out an Acid-Wash
  • Instructions for Winter closure and Springtime re-opening
  • 11-page water-problem solving guide
  • And much, much more!

We are available by phone or email thereafter, should you encounter any problems or need to ask for further advice or clarification.

When Are The Courses?

Pool SchoolWe are happy to run PoolSchool for you any time to suit: weekends, early mornings, evenings or at any time you choose- please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to book an appointment.



Pool SchoolFor most Private Pools, PoolSchool costs just 150 Euros, plus IVA: about the same price as 6 visits from a professional pool-cleaner (always assuming that they turn up!).

An average pool-owner saves more than this cost in the first 2 months, and then continues to save money forever.

We can teach the whole family at the same time at no extra cost!

Please Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free quotation.


 "PoolSchool has proved invaluable to us at AxarCare™...

"It has allowed us to provide a high quality pool service to our pool-owning clients. Our clients constantly comment on the cleanliness, clarity and condition of their swimming pools.  We owe this praise and positive feedback to the quality of the tuition and training that we were given during our PoolSchool training.

PoolSchool allows swimming pool owners to grasp and understand the fundamentals of owning and maintaining a swimming pool, in plain English, and in the comfort of their own home. 

We have found the post-training technical support offered to PoolSchool Graduates to be second to none and this has proved invaluable to us as a company.

The PoolSchool Book, given to graduates upon the completion of the training, is the ‘bible’ on how to maintain a swimming pool properly, written in a way that is easy to understand.

Many thanks to Ken and the team."

Steven J Tierney, (Director of AxarCare™ Property Management & Maintenance Services)


"It turned out to be the one of the best investments I have made..."

In 2003 my pool went green and murky. I had no idea what to do and so called for help. We had the great good fortune to call Ken Walker. During that phone call he told me the initial steps to take and he came to my pool within 24 hours to finish the job off. 

Then I took the “Pool School”. It turned out to be the one of the best investments I have made since arriving in Spain. Ken was a very patient teacher with his novice pupil. Everything was explained in great detail. The cleaning of the pool, explaining how the filtration system works and how to get best performance, even marking in English which taps went where and a lesson in the consequences of not using the correct levels of chemicals. A few days later I received a personalized laminated sheet of quantities of chemical levels required for the pool. 

Now, at the first signs of any problems I can do what is necessary without the worry of having to “call a man out”.

My pool is my pride and joy. During the summer months, many of our friends and visitors comment on how pristine it looks. I would heartily recommend the Pool School to anyone.

Nigel Bradley, Aparado de Correos 99, Alora, Malaga Spain.

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