Pool Reforms

Pool Reforms


Isn't it time you gave your pool some TLC?

Nothing lasts forever and pools are no exception. . .

When a pool is first installed it all looks lovely; the mosaic tiles with their grout-lines full, the blindingly white marble pool surround, the pool equipment all new and shiny; and not a trace of limescale anywhere.

However, a few years down the road those pristine mosaics, that lovely white marble pool surround, the sand-filter and the pump begin to look a little tired; even in the most carefully maintained pool.

A slight chemical imbalance during the life of the pool can damage the pool. For example, a too low pH reading indicates acidic water that will erode the grout or, if the pH of the pool has been too high (even for just a couple of weeks), the water can coat the tiles in a layer of unsightly limescale.

Pool surrounds are deliberately designed to be safe, non-slip surfaces - which provides millions of 'hiding places' for dirt and dust and so the surround gradually changes colour to an ugly, murky, grey/brown.

The decorative border at the waterline becomes coated in limescale which absorbs dust, pollen, sun-cream and body oils. These get baked onto the tiles by strong sunlight and the unsightly result is impossible to remove by scrubbing with a pool-brush.

Tiles can and do become chipped, or fall off and get lost, or become detached during vacuuming (these particular tiles usually end up in the pump basket but sometimes they can block an automatic cleaner or a suction line completely).

Missing and/or broken tiles are particularly common on tiled steps, and a broken tile in this area can lead to some nasty cuts to bathers' feet.

Our 'Swimming Pool TLC Winter Make-Over'

The best time to carry out a make-over on your pool is when you have finished with it for the winter.


We offer a full pool reform for 'loved-but-tired' pools, we:

    • Drain the pool
    • Acid-wash the pool surround and the inside of the pool to remove limescale/algae
    • Jet-wash the same areas to remove loose dirt and soft grout, etc.
    • Completely re-grout the pool walls and floor (or repaint it if it's a painted pool
    • Change the contents of the filter to Zeolite
    • Dismantle, service and re-assemble the pump, renew the pump basket
    • Change the white plastic impulsion jets fittings and skimmer lids, etc.
    • Clean and tidy the pump/filter room or in-ground box
    • Refill the pool from your water supply
    • Balance the pH and water chemistry of the new water

The above treatment will leave your pool looking almost brand-new!

Price: - Starting from just €849 plus IVA


 'Before' and 'After' Reform

'Before' and 'After' Acid-washing the tiles, prior to re-grouting

Full Pool Reforms

Many people buy a property with an abandoned pool.  Invariably, the pool needs a great deal of work before it can be used and we can carry out all and any work that is required.

This work almost always includes everything listed in the 'Swimming pool TLC Winter Make-Over' above but may also include:

    • Complete re-tiling of the pool
    • Replacement of the pool surround
    • Repair or replacement of pump, filter, control panel
    • Installation of new heater, cover, roller, etc.
    • Installation of new concrete or ladder steps and/or handrails
    • Replacement of pump/timer control box
    • Installation of pool and/or terrace lighting
    • Installation of Jacuzzi-jets
    • Re-shaping of the steps and/or pool for safety reasons
    • Installation of seating, or play areas for the younger swimmer
    • Construction of a new terrace
    • Anything else required to turn an existing 'swamp' into a dream pool.

Price: - Starting from just €849 plus IVA!

Just a moment!  Isn't that the same price as for a Winter Make-over?

Yes, but some abandoned pools can be brought back to life ONLY with the Winter Make-over treatment.

Other pools may need a great deal more work to return them to service but, whatever the individual case, we offer a fully detailed, written Quotation (not an 'estimate') of the costs before beginning work - and we keep to that price. Please see 'Important Information' below.

Terrace Reforms

We also undertake reforms to poolside terraces and can install tiling, stamped concrete, lighting (LEDs or Fibre Optics), misting systems, sound systems, bars and barbeques, shade sails; you name it!


Please ask us for a Quotation to Reform your pool This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We supply all plant and equipment featured on this website, including what you see on this page.

All our work is Guaranteed; Parts and Labour

For free and unbiased advice, a site visit or no-obligation Quotation*, please make initial enquiries by email. Tell us a little about your pool problem and include a daytime phone number. Thanks, we look forward to meeting you soon

We only offer Quotations: - a fixed, agreed price that cannot, and will not, be increased. We do not give 'estimates', as an estimate offers no guarantee of final price.

Note: - Contact our recommended Pool Professionals for supply and installation of all pool-related services: - 

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