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Blair Esson, CEO of Katchakid, designed the first safety net after the tragic death of a close friend's son, who drowned at a family get-together in 1967.


Blair said, '...everyone was there, but nobody noticed the child fall in........... his death was horrifyingly silent.'

He was shocked to think that he had been enjoying himself while the child was gasping for life.

He determined to find a way to ensure the safety of his own and friends swimming pools, so that other families wouldn't suffer this devastation. Thus, the first swimming pool safety net was created. Blair called it Katchakid.

Over the past 40 years Katchakid has been re-evaluated, re-defined and modified to bring you today the very best in terms of child pool safety.

The world-famous Katchakid Pool Safety Net is now available in Europe.

Installer requiredWe are proud to have been the first in Spain, and the first in Europe, to bring you Katchakid - the ultimate pool protection for your family.

If your pool is too far for us to travel we can supply a simplified-installation DIY Katchakid

Katchakid Pool Safety Net

Easy to Fit

Only 5 minutes to close the pool and make it safe.

Easy to Remove

Only 3-5 minutes to open the pool.

Total security for children and pets around the pool..........Total peace of mind for adults!!

Katchakid Pool Safety Nets have been preventing drowning tragedies in commercial, public and private pools for over 40 years.

More than 450,000 pool nets have been installed throughout the world without a single report of a drowning, (or even a near-drowning) - Katchakid Works!

Katchakid's purpose is twofold:

It acts as a deterrent. The pool is no longer an open magnet to children. They might investigate but lose interest fairly quickly ... It’s a learning process.

They quickly learn that this means 'NO! the swimming pool is CLOSED.'

It serves as a final, impenetrable barrier if the children do manage to get over the fence. If kids stumble and fall in, stretch out for a lost toy or even ride their bikes across it:

  • Katchakid will catch and save them!
  • Kids can’t get through Katchakid
  • Kids can’t get under it.
  • It's the ultimate in child drowning prevention

Key Benefits:

  • Impossible for your child (or pet) to reach the water
  • Impossible for most children under 10 (and most household pets!) to remove, get through or get under the net
  • Affordable peace of mind for you - just open the back door and let the kids run. You can be sure that, whatever else the kids are doing, they are safe because - Katchakid prevents drowning!

Katchakid is available in BLUE for pools - or in BLACK for ponds, lakes and water deposits.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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