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 Jolly Gel

Water Clarity Problems


Ideally, the water in your pool should be odour-free, crystal clear, bright and sparkling.  Many pools have water that is nearly right - it’s just not quite as transparent as it could be or should be. Fortunately, there is an astonishingly effective solution for this problem and the good news is that it won’t break the bank!

(In the words of Ken Walker of PoolSchool, Costa del Sol): - 

Being in the pools business we are often approached by salespeople who want to unload/dump their latest ‘space-age’ product or gimmick on us; and we usually take the sales-patter with an extra large pinch of salt!

Most of these new products are, in reality, old products dressed up in a new package or, very often, a product for which the claimed ‘features and benefits’ turn out to be utter nonsense

Unsurprisingly then, when we first came across Jolly Gel, we were just a teeny bit sceptical of the miracles we were promised . . .

Jolly Gel”, said the grinning salesperson “will get the water so transparent that you won’t be able to see it! Trussssst me!”

Well, being old enough and cynical enough to mistrust the outrageous claims of most commission-based salesmen, we declined his offer to stock the product

A couple of years later, at the SPATEX Pool Exhibition in Brighton, UK, we were given a pack or two as 'Trade Samples'. On returning to Spain I put one block of Jolly Gel (there are 4 blocks in a pack) into the pump-basket of an (already very clear) pool one Wednesday afternoon.  Two days later I returned to the same property and, as I approached the pool, my heart almost stopped beating!

It appeared as if I had left the drain valve open - and all the water was gone! But thankfully I was wrong; the water was so clear that it was invisible! Jolly Gel had removed the tiniest particles from the pool and the pool-water was as transparent as water gets. We started to import Jolly Gel and it rapidly became our best-selling product!

Life being what it is the Junta de Andalusia banned Jolly Gel soon after we began importing it, because 'it contains polyacrylamide'. (Polyacrylamide is the exact chemical that the World Health Organisation (WHO?) specifies for clarifying drinking water.) It's found in MacDonald's, mineral water, all processed foods that need water during manufacture, lipstick, mouthwash, you name it. But it was not specifically designated as 'safe' in Spanish swimming pools, so we couldn't sell it. Even worse, the Junta visited all our retailers and impounded their stocks. I had to gather them all at a central point (can you even begin to imagine the paperwork? In Spain?) for collection and 'destruction by incineration' - at my expense, of course.

So then began the saga of trying to get one part of the Spanish government talking to a different part, with the intervention-and-assistance of the British Embassy, to get the Homologation Certificate for this extraordinary product.  After 26 months, and who knows-what-expense, Jolly Gel's makers have obtained Certification from the Health Department and now -  (extended drum roll, please . . )


JOLLY GEL IS COMPLETELY LEGAL IN SPAIN!!! - (just like it is in the rest of the entire world).

If you're interested in the details, the Juntas' Homologation Certificate is number 12-20-4627. Yippee!

Bonus Benefit! In addition to getting the water so clean, Jolly Gel also removes phosphates (algae food) from the water - without phosphates Algae struggle to proliferate

PS - we later discovered that Jolly Gel had been 'denounced' to the Junta de Andalusia by a competitor - who sells an inferior flocculant tablet. Jolly Gel had eaten into his sales and he was 'just protecting his business'. "All's fair in love and war", I guess! 

If you do just one thing to improve your pool water quality this year - move heaven and earth to get hold of a couple of packs of Jolly Gel and reap the benefits of this amazingly efficient water clarifier! And that's my honest, Professional advice.  Jolly Gel really is the most effective pool product I've ever discovered. Why not try it?'  Ken Walker, Author of The Pool Bible and the FREE eBook The Pool Safety Bible

NOTE: - Jolly Gel is not suitable for DE or Cartridge Filters

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