Suction-Side Cleaners

Powered by the suction of the pools circulation pump most, if not all of this type of cleaner, have a mechanism that causes the cleaning head to 'judder', jerk or wobble its waySmall suction side pool cleaner around the pool completely at random, cleaning the vast majority of the surfaces that it is designed to reach.

The suction hoses are supplied in short lengths of around 1.2 metres (4 feet) that connect together. The number of lengths required depends on the size of the pool being cleaned but most manufacturers recommend that there should be sufficient overall hose-length to reach the furthest part of the pool (i.e. furthest from the suction point) plus one extra length of hose.

The random nature of the path around the pool means that most suction-side cleaners miss a bit here and there but you can do something about that. Once the device has cleaned most of the floor area simply grab hold of the hose (beneath the water) and separate any 2 lengths of hose. Twist one length through 90-degrees and then re-connect the 2 lengths.  This has the effect of imparting a different 'dynamic' to the hose and now it will allow the cleaner to wander off on a different random path and with a bit of luck the areas that were missed first time round will now be cleaned.

When the cleaner is not in use separate the hose into sections and lay the sections out flat. If a hose is left coiled it will retain the curve in use and could affect the efficiency. Remove any auto-cleaner from the water when the pool is in use.

Suction side pool cleaners Suction side cleaner

Advantages of a Suction-side Pool Cleaner

Usually the least expensive system to install as it requires no additional plumbing or pump.
Many models incorporate a scrubbing action on pool surfaces which may reduce the need for you to brush walls and floors manually.

Deposits the debris directly into the pump strainer and the dirt directly into the filter.
Disavantages  of a Suction-side Pool Cleaner

  • Sometimes they are fiddly to set up as they depend on the degree of suction from the pump. Too much and they crush the hose, too little and they don't work at all.
  • As the filter clogs with particles that have been removed by the cleaner the suction drops off and the cleaner may stop working until the filter has been cleaned.
  • Often get caught up in corners or behind steps.
  • In pools that are surrounded by trees the pump strainer can rapidly fill with leaves unless an in-line leaf catcher is installed in the hose.

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