Intro to Auto Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners do up to a 98% efficient job dependent upon the initial construction of the pool and the type of cleaner involved.  A Pool that has been constructed in the correct manner to permit their successful operation will have gentle curves between the walls and floor of the pool to permit the cleaner to make the transition from one to another and back again.


One major advantage of an automatic cleaner is that, as they travel around the pool, they improve overall circulation by withdrawing water from circulation ‘dead-spots’.  Fresh supplies of sanitized water are brought into these dead-spots, reducing the possibilities of an algae attack in these vulnerable areas and thus reducing your overall chemicals bill by permitting a lower concentration of sanitizer in the pool.

Automatic cleaners don’t check the chemical balance, however, and rarely clean steps thoroughly. Having said that; they are tireless and can be used without removing a pool-cover or safety net.

When buying any auto-cleaner, it is vitally important to make sure that spare parts and technical back-up are available.  This is not always the case with the budget cleaners imported from the Far East. An inexpensive cleaner that can't ever be repaired is just money down the drain.

No matter which type or model you choose there are only three different ways to get dirt and debris out of a pool. The first, and most obvious, way is to use a pool-net to remove visible leaves, twigs, grass-clippings, insects and suchlike from the bottom or surface. However, if the material you are trying to remove is finer than the mesh of the net it will pass through the net and remain in the pool.

If the dirt/debris are on the floor it can be removed by vacuuming and if it's suspended in the water it will be removed by the filter during normal circulation.

Auto-cleaners come in three different types and there are a bewildering variety of models within each type.

Each type of cleaner has its own pros and cons and here we deal with each type separately.

Suction-side Cleaners, Pressure-side Cleaners and Robot Cleaners


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